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Are you ready to support a collective of Black Organizations in Washington State that are unifying for the liberation of all Black people?


Join Give Black Washington by moving money and resources directly into the hands of Black-led organizations in Washington State.

About Give Black Washington

We are a collective of Black organizations unifying for the liberation of all Black people. Black people are multi talented and multi fabulous, and we show up at various intersections of being, including but not limited to Immigrant, Trans, Gender Non Binary and Non Conforming, faith lineages,  LGBTQIA,  family structures, ability, and levels of wealth or poverty.  


If your organization is Black-led and in alignment with the liberation of ALL of us, please join us in this Give Black collective today by filling out this form. Please contact organizations directly if you have questions.

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Why Give Black

Systemic inequities touch all sectors of society including giving. Race is one of the most reliable predictors of outcomes including life expectancy, wealth, income, academic achievement, maternal health, infant mortality and general well-being. Black led organizations are funded less often than white led organizations and have more restrictions placed on their budgets.  Even though these organizations are being granted money to serve the communities that they are uniquely positioned to serve, they are not trusted to do their work. It is imperative that we apply a racial justice lens to our giving and Give Black.

Why Give Black
Who We Are


Give Black

Join Give Black Washington

Fill out this form if you'd like your Black-led organization to join the Give Black WA Collective.

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